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Olympic Protein Technologies (OPT) is a contract research organization focused on providing high-quality protein science services for clients and partners

Our Services

Molecular Biology

High protein expression through DNA sequence optimization and cloning into specialized expression vectors. Cloning of antibody chains from hybridomas.

Protein Expression

Protein expression systems include  transient expression  in mammalian cells and expression in E.coli.

Protein Purification

Protein purification methods include affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion and other chromatographies. Modifications include fluorescent labeling and biotinylation.

Protein Analysis

Analyses of proteins include determinations of purity, aggregation state, endotoxin levels, and mass.

Protein Engineering

Protein construct and library designs based on structure-based analyses. Epitope and paratope mapping.

Protein Interactions

Determination of binding interactions between proteins and other proteins, small molecules, and peptides using surface plasmon resonance technology.

Reasons to Work With OPT

Experienced Specialists in Protein Sciences

We have years of industrial protein science experience obtained within leading biotechnology companies. We’ve successfully designed, expressed, purified, and characterized innovative and often challenging protein reagents and biologics candidates.

Personalized Engagement with Clients

Your points-of-contact are team members working directly on your project and looking at the data for your protein as it is produced in our lab in Seattle Washington USA. Our goal is to facilitate the success of your  project through excellent work and clear communication.

High Standards, Integrity, and Security

Your project will be executed with the utmost attention and confidentiality at our on-site lab. Care is taken to guard your sensitive information both on-site and during transmission.

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